Taking a Deep Look at My Skillset to Define my Passive Income Offerings

Taking a Deep Look at My Skillset to Define my Passive Income Offerings

One more post today, I had the time so I made it happen—

My last post included some research on a variety of passive income ideas. As promised, I checked into Gumroad and Getaround. So, neither one of these panned out. Gumroad is just another ecomm site to set products up on and it’s clunky. I’ve used Shopify in the past as well as Etsy and they were easier to navigate, I did get sales on both (still do, small but they sprinkle in every month). I think the difference with Gumroad is that you can generate affiliate links, that could be cool but it still takes time to add products and build traffic etc… I would have gone further but to upload the 500 products that I have in inventory just seemed daunting. PLUS their share for the Free version of Gumroad, is 8.5% + 30 cents per transaction. If you get the Premium version of Gumroad for $10(USD)/month, the fee is 3.5% + 30 cents per sale. Yikes! That will cut into the margin. Maybe a good choice site for downloadable products, I will keep this site in mind.

Getaround– The blog post image says it all.

Wrapify– I went to the site, checked it out. Although I’m not a huge fan of advertising and I especially don’t want my car to have a wrap on it for a product I don’t support, I still kept going. Entered my cell number to download app, I’m still waiting to receive the SMS text with the download info. Because I’m resourceful, I went to the App store to just download directly, they have a 2 star rating. So I stopped right there. Still waiting to hear from them. Tick, tock…

So now what?? I’m thinking that the next necessary step for me is to define my skillset. What kind of offerings or products could I offer that fill a need in the marketplace. As mentioned prior, my experience is in marketing, PR and data analysis- creating marketing by design strategies, not by default. I was one of the first to the market over a decade ago by offering trainings, published books on the topics, writing columns for top magazines and sites, toured the planet training people and offered online education. I made a lot of moola doing this, however I became tired, uninspired and at the time I did not want the public profile that it took to maintain branding and grow it like some of the greats- Gary Vaynerchuk, Scott Stratten and Mari Smith (3 marketing personalities that I admire and respect a great deal!). Truth is, I’m somewhat of an introvert and a few creepy stalkers at the time scared me into closing shop.

Fast forward to today, the space is so busy, there are so many ”experts” out there and offerings, I need to sift through the massive messaging as well as do some research to define needs. But here is my skillset, I broke it down into bullet points. Seems like the logical next step. I refer to my skillset as 360 Marketing—

  • Public relations- how to build influencer lists, media lists and identify the proper contacts to pitch, design specific pitches for each outlet crafted towards their readership, listenership or viewers. Of course media releases and building backlinks etc… all come with this.
  • Content creation- I can research and define topics for brands, create content plan, write the stuff and design how to target it and where. This takes mucho amounts of time and often resources.
  • Brand story & visuals- one of my favorite things to do in marketing- creating or recreating a brand’s story as well as their visuals. I have built a database of designers from all over the world that help me bring these visions to fruition.
  • Public Speaking
  • Corporate and individual trainings
  • Setting and defining goals and KPIS (key performance indicators) so that you know when you have arrived and achieved a set of results.
  • Data Analytics & visualization (although there are so many platforms out there nowadays, I need to refresh myself on some newer offerings, I’m currently well versed in Google Analytics, HubSpot, Brandwatch and Tracx)
  • CRM & Mobile Marketing (this changes every minute so I make sure to take trainings weekly or bi-weekly)
  • Consumer Behaviorist- what does this mean? Well, individuals make purchasing decisions based off of their feelings and emotional cues. I know how to research target markets and figure this stuff out, it is fascinating really. In short, this is crafting personalized, humanized customer journeys.
  • Building site and page traffic (which btw, I need to start doing for my own site now, I will share the how-tos over the next month or so. My site years ago had an average of 50k UV per month, and now, here I am starting at ground zero…lovely)

Well, that is it in a nutshell. I’m thinking that the next necessary step is to create a survey to define market need(s) and dig into my data programs, start analyzing conversations across channel (I know creepy but that is how we do it). I have a current following of 15k across my channels (OMG, this used to be over 50k), and I have an old email list I believe is approx 7,500, years ago this was over 150,000. This is what happens when you bow out and leave lists and channels. Again, it was a personal decision, probably based on fear at the time, but hey, let’s not go there today.

Next steps-

1) Reach out and see how many peeps I can double opt-in from my old email list, will probably use mailchimp or customer.io

2) Post out on my channels to re-engage (I need to create a plan here but I will only be able to share my blog posts for now until I define my offerings, then I will share how I build out a plan and implement it)

3) Send/set a survey out to start defining what needs would land in my area of skillset. I need to clearly define questions for this survey. 3-5 questions max. Will Probably use Survey Monkey

I will report back in the next few days on this one, it will take me a day or two to get this stuff done because I actually work full time for several clients right now, consulting and well, my commitment requires my time and lots of it. I will most likely be blogging more on the weekends or late evenings.

PS- I built this blog on Squarespace because it was the easiest for me to get up quickly, however I am going to reach out to several of my designers and programmers to kick it up a notch, but as you know these things take money and I don’t want to cut into my passive income right now when it is currently at, well…zero. For now, I will get bids and set it out into the near future. I don’t want to be cash negative in my new business adventure before I really even get started…or should I look at it as an investment…hmmm, I will have a think on this one.

Yours truly,

Starr Hall (Egan)

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