My Why…

My Why…

My friend and colleague Doug sent this link to me a few days ago and I have been obsessed with the info on this site. It’s all about top affiliate programs. Side note, I’m wondering why in the world I didn’t find this in my initial research but anyhow, moving on…thank you Doug. 🙂

Here is the site— View Here

As I started to explore even more opportunities, I had to pause for a few days and really look at why creating a passive income is so important to me. Truth be told, I make a good living as a Marketing Consultant, Fractional CMO, advisor etc…, AND I love the companies and people I work for/with, so why would I want to explore an additional income path? I’m not leaving either company anytime soon. My answer to self is, it isn’t just another income path. I have always had an incredible ability to make money in whatever I do (aside from what I feel are or were some pretty nice failures along my career path and of course my coffee house restaurant that I opened with my hubby, but let’s not go down that path today), with research, hard work and effort, I have always been able to provide. What has become increasingly important to me over the years as my children have grown up and moved out and having met my true life partner and husband Jude (an amazingly talented, kind-hearted and super intelligent Attorney/Phd), is that I want more time for time, to create experiences, more memories, build healthier relationships and contribute to causes. I also want more space and time with the people (and my animals) that I love dearly.

What is the best way to create more time and earn automated income? How am I going to accomplish this? Two ways…equity and passive income so that my time is not tied to how much money I can and will make, because really if you think about it, being paid by the hour or retainer etc.. caps at a certain point, as we all know, there are only so many hours in the day. (dangit!)

My two focus areas—

1) Build the companies that I am involved with and assist in getting them to point of acquisition, enjoy the equity I have earned and cash out,

2) Build an evergreen passive income machine so that I can make money while I sleep, travel, eat, play, drink, write, paint, rescue animals and whatever else becomes important to me as I grow.

Yup, that’s my why and my plan.

So, what did I pull from the affiliate site link above. More on that in my next blog post, I just wanted to share the resource today, I will be posting what I have chosen to explore over the next 2-4 days. I’m very excited to share my findings and what I have landed on to grow my passive income.


Starr Hall

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