I Was Asking The Wrong Questions… Figuring Out My Passive Income Path: 323 Days to go

I Was Asking The Wrong Questions… Figuring Out My Passive Income Path: 323 Days to go

In my last blog post, I was trying to dig into my why as well as explore what my niche focus should be for my passive income journey. I started to explore my skillset but I realized quickly after my post, I felt stuck. I really don’t want to do anything in the marketing realm. I don’t want to generate trainings and downloads etc…those things take time and always need to be updated. Plus there are so many great trainers and experts with quality information online that I don’t really need to. Some of the greats that I utilize are Neil Patel – this guy knows how to generate traffic and he knows SEO. He generates amazing content and his resources are executable, simple and relevant. Another great resource I use is MarketMuse, this site helps me generate great content and gives step by step explanations on how to better optimize everything I write as well as generates additional content topic ideas. I have a ton more resources that I will share as we move forward but these two are a must for any marketing.

So what is the right question, the question I should have been asking from day one? WHAT ARE MY PASSIONS? What gets me out of bed, brings me joy, laughter and memorable moments? Here goes:

1) Animals, more specifically dogs. I love all animals but my true connection and passion is definitely with and for dogs.

2) I love designing spaces, sanctuary rooms in homes and offices.

3) I love cultural travel.

4) I love soul fulfilling products, foods and books.

After I wrote these out I knew instantly what my passion focus would be on this journey and it all stems from a quote that I love. It is the image in my blog post. I have 5 dogs, they are my loves, my life, my soul and my breath. I would do anything for them. I’m constantly seeking out the best remedies, trainings, products and toys that are healthy, earth conscious and don’t break the bank. So, there it is, I am going to build a site, affiliate based that will focus on the love, connection, health and play for doggies.

Tonight I started to explore names for my affiliate site and began organizing all of the research on products that I have collected over the years. These are some of the names that I am looking at, jump on over to my Survey Monkey, just one question, super fast and I’d so appreciate your input.

While I’m working on landing the name for the site, I’m going to start research on the best web platforms for affiliate sites, will share in my next post.

Dog lover,

Starr Hall

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