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Overwhelm & Crunch Time – Building My Affiliate Site Business: 315 Days to go

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Overwhelm & Crunch Time - Building My Affiliate Site Business: 315 Days to go FEB 18 Overwhelm & Crunch Time- Building My Affiliate Site Business: 315 Days to go

There is so much to sift through, to set up, research, do and implement. I’m overwhelmed, yet I’m pushing through it all. My dear friend Doug (I have mentioned him several times) is doing a ton of the research and work on his side too, it helps to have a smart human working with you and to be in sync. I’m uploading a new WordPress theme to this site in the next 24 hours, I bought it for $35 (another Doug recommendation) and I’m just waiting for my tech dev guy to install it and transfer current blog posts. I chose this theme.

I haven’t really dug into a logo or finished name processing because I am working on product and affiliate research for my product site (with affiliate links), this will probably take me about a week. The good news is that time/availability for this project has opened up a bit, I left one of the companies I was consulting with/for so I am only with one full time right now which sets me free to pursue this more often. Phew…more time is good.

Here is where I’m at with my affiliate business— I know that I want to focus on products for animals, specifically dogs, they are my soul beings. What I really want to do is narrow down the niche and I think I have found it. CBD and Hemp products. Even though I don’t smoke pot, Mary Jane, marijuana, etc… I definitely have seen the benefits for humans and dogs firsthand. I never got into smoking it, I truly wish at times that I could, maybe it would calm me but for the 2-3 times I did try it in my younger days, it just made me sick. However, I have tried CBD and also hemp products and wowza, I have been super impressed and really, honestly shocked. Hemp and cbd products for my dogs have been extremely beneficial. I’m nailing down some outstanding and affordable products and testing them now, I will share the testing and results as well as specific content in this area on my affiliate site once it is live and ready to go.

Did you know that hemp beds are not only hypoallergenic but the scent of these beds are a natural deterrent for pups, they are less likely to pee on them? Wow, that alone makes me want to buy stock in hemp doggie bed companies. Also, CBD oil has proven to heal and stop seizures in dogs as well as shrink tumors. Insane! I’m obsessed, will share more on my site later.

In the interim, I will continue to work on my site, logo/brand name as well as products and last but not least, I have got to increase my web and social traffic because right now, I’m kind of talking to myself…well myself and maybe 30-40 others and although I’m super grateful for you, these numbers are not going to move the needle. I do have some magic up my sleeve, I will start the testing and take screens shots on the how to steps so that I can pass it on to you. Stand by for some good growth details, proof and how-to.

That’s all for now.

Chat in a few days,


Starr Hall

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