Unlocking Greatness- Taking Risks & 1 Daily Activity to Grow Your Business Every Single Day!

Unlocking Greatness- Taking Risks & 1 Daily Activity to Grow Your Business Every Single Day!
I remember the exact age when I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was 12.
It all began when I could no longer sit in boredom. At the time, I didn’t realize that it was boredom. Boredom is what activated my entrepreneur curiosity. Boredom to me is the desire of wanting more. I didn’t want things, I wanted to create them.
I grew up watching my mother design, my aunt paint and create, and my grandmother build a crafting empire. Aleene’s Tacky Glue, an internationally known brand to this day. I was raised on the set of my family’s television show, the first ever DIY show, Creative Living on TNN. I was surrounded by creativity. So to sit and not create began to feel very uncomfortable to me. I started to sneak paints up to my room, jewelry making beads and wires, and of course glue. I would sneak away to my private stash of creative finds to make things. I had no idea what I was doing but it felt great to explore.
One day my girlfriend was hanging out and found one of my jewelry masterpieces, torn paper earrings. She asked if she could wear them. She put them on and said they made her feel pretty, so as any good friend would do, I gave them to her. The next day she wore them to school and the orders began.
I closed shop shortly after and began working at Aleene’s after school, on weekends and every summer. While my friends were at the beach or hanging out, I was working at the factory. I stuffed envelopes, filled orders, answered phones, and called radio stations and newspapers. I also hit the road with my grandmother and attended craft shows. My family was making people happy. Changing lives through creativity and giving people purpose. Empowering women to start their own little crafty businesses. I would read about it, watch it on TV, hear about it on the radio.  This changed me.
I will never forget the day that my grandmother Aleene told me that I could be a change for this planet. She saw something in me. She told me that I was a natural when it came to PR, telling stories and connecting people. I remember exactly where I was at standing outside on a sidewalk in front of my mother’s creative studio. The smell in the air was rosemary. I also remember that this conversation shook up my world. It went something like this:
Aleene- “Starr, what are you doing these days”
Me- “nothing really
Aleene- “don’t ever say that to me again”
Me (with pee running down my legs. My grandmother scared the stuff out of me, always intimidated me) – “Grandma, what should I be doing”
Aleene- “making a difference”
Starr- “but how”
Aleene- “through your greatness”
Starr- “huh”
Aleene- …the death stare
Starr- “Grandma, who am I to make a difference, how would I do that”
Aleene- “Starr, if you don’t see and live in your own greatness, you are going to live a long, boring life. You were not put on this planet to be boring, your name will not allow that to be so”
I don’t remember much after that, but I can tell you that this encounter forever shifted my soul.
I learned how to get to know my own greatness as well as how and where to find it in a company, person or product. It makes all the difference when it comes to building a brand. That and of course taking risks.
I realized this week that I lost touch with my greatness. I’m not sure when it happened, but awareness is the first step, right? I started this week with a commitment to write 5 blog posts for my passive income business. Guess what? I have done nothing. NOTHING!!! Yes, I work full time but that has never stopped me before. I sat down tonight to write a post and realized I was stuck, and then, I felt my grandmother. Not in a creepy ghost presence kind of way, but in a slap across the face, wake the hell up and stand in your greatness kind of way.  I then remembered one of my greatness approaches, something that I did daily over the years that grew my businesses (and others that I worked with/in). Do you want to know what it is?
Post a comment on my Facebook page on this very blog post dated March 1, 2019 “I wanna know” and I will share it with you directly. Yup, you have to take the next step in order to unlock “the greatness”.
I look forward to hearing from you, can’t wait to share what it is. Ready, set…go!
I’ve recommitted to it as of this blog post, watch me go…but also join me.
Enthusiastically, Starr Hall

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