Designing a Law Office in Early 1900s Building

Designing a Law Office in Early 1900s Building









This is one wall in the law office lobby that I couldn’t grab in the full photo below. One of my favorite design tips is to lean flat painted canvases on a shelf or cabinet, it adds dimension. Found these at a thrift store for $20 each. You can find these often for way less, I have grabbed some to add to my curation collection that were $1. I’m sure you will see them in a room design in the near future.

For the law office lobby, I added a vintage lamp without a lamp shade in the corner, $40. Tilted an old world mirror on the wall, $20. Paired with two complimentary paintings found at a thrift store, the peacock was $12 and the gold framed painting above was $39. Olive green retro couch, Facebook Marketplace, $300 brand new. Never buy a couch from a store, you can always find new ones on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List. Faux cowhide rug, $68. The two round tables that I used for coffee table the taller one was $4.99 and the glass one was $20. Vintage chair $29. Antique desk with vintage adjustable chair- $200. I’m going to add some drapes aka window treatments in this room over the next few weeks and also a few plants.

This flower picture below was $5 at a thrift store, it’s in the lobby on a wall that you can’t see in main photo but it is one of my favorite finds for this room. The frame alone is stunning.

Okay, now this piece cost a bit more than I would usually pay but I’m going to paint a base undercoat gold, then sponge black over it, I will share the final when I’m done. This is the entry statue at the law office, it represents strength, bravery, power and protection. The perfect entry welcome. What is your entry welcome in your office or home? I always look for pieces that represent the person/people/family in the space and find that one item that says it all. This lion is my hubby, Jude.

This house has 5-7 more rooms to design plus a bathroom so it will be a project. I will share room by room as I finish. Check out this rocking chair, I bought it for $9.99!!!!

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  1. Very nice arrangement. Love the way you hung the mirror horizontally over the sofa. You have a great eye for a tight budget. Keep up the great work.

    1. Greg, thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. I’m truly enjoying this journey.

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