Obsessed with Rocking Chairs

Obsessed with Rocking Chairs

I fell in love with this beauty at a thrift store. I have an obsession with rocking chairs! I forgot to take a before picture, I need to get in that habit. I used Howard’s Lemon Oil to polish the wood (Totally going to become an affiliate with Howard’s, amazing products, I used to do their PR years ago). After I applied the lemon oil, the chair didn’t need a sand and stain (phew), it’s stunning.

Now, I just need to recover the seat cushion and it will be ready to go. I will share the final product next week. I’m on the hunt for the perfect fabric. I like mixing patterns in rooms, and I think chairs should have texture in the fabric. It is better for stains and it’s visually more pleasing. BTW- this chair only cost me $9.99. Such a find!


More later.


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