Retail Store- is it Worth it?

Retail Store- is it Worth it?

(Note- there should be a video embedded in this post from my new YouTube channel. I need to get better at taking videos, getting on camera, better lighting and filters etc… but that will come in time. I think the point is to just start doing it no matter how it looks)


I started to empty my barn today. Long overdue.

I  rented a small funky little space in a local antique and vintage shop in Orcutt, California called Vintage Viranda. I rented the enclosed porch area, filled it with items. I brought about $5,000 (retail) in items today. A mixture of furniture, lamps, gardening stuff, gift items, antiques and vintage stuff. I have at least  another $5,000 or so in furniture and finds that I will squeeze into the space over the next week. This barely put a dent in my barn.

I have been collecting antiques, vintage items, midcentury modern and everything in between for the past 5-6 years. One of my favorite finds of all times is this vintage olive green couch. I had a very hard time parting with it today but I have zero space in my home.

I love the idea of renting booth space and not having to be there to run it. It’s perfect for me and I feel a great addition on my passive income journey. Yes, I spent time curating items, pricing and moving over but it’s such a passion of mine, so I don’t mind the effort. $200/month, we’ll see how it goes. It will need to generate a minimum of $1,500/mo for it to make sense moving forward. I will try it for 3 months and report back.

I’m spending the next week or so after my work days to get my online shop set up, I cannot wait to share it. I have a few items left in my Etsy shop, I’ve brought in about $1,000 from Etsy over the past 6 months or so. I really didn’t add enough products into my shop to make tons of moola but almost everything I added has sold. It is a bit bare right now, I plan on adding small items over the next month or so. I seriously have about 4,000 small items (I know! Crazy!). I’m also rebranding the shop to my new brand name SHE or Starr Hall E.

Off to work on another blog post to update on my website progress, building traffic, my new affiliate partnerships and to share a few tips.

Bye for now.


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