Setting up Affiliate Partners & Building Website Traffic

Setting up Affiliate Partners & Building Website Traffic

Overview: Selecting my affiliate companies, progress on building website traffic and setting beginning goals.

Computer and tea time…

Let’s talk about progress.

Affiliate Stuff:

It has been fun and exciting exploring and chatting with independent companies and some of the larger design and decor stores. I set up my first affiliate account with Commission Junction- They have a few of the companies that I wanted to partner with like World Market and Society6 to name a few. Each company seems to have their own affiliate software or they are using a company like CJ to run their programs. It’s very important to me that the companies I want to join and promote etc… have to have great products, super high quality and not break the bank.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I splurge on the perfect piece. Restoration Hardware and Houzz are two of my favorite decor companies on the planet. One couch from them can cost me a paycheck. But for the most part, I am very thrifty about my decor shopping.

I’m going to start with approx 10 partners, I will only include them in posts on specific item(s) if they are relevant and they are SHE approved. I’m also setting up my own shop here for one-of-a-kind items that I still have from my overflowing barn, at least until I sell through this inventory. The point of passive income is to create a life so that you don’t even have to be present. Problem is, I have a TON of inventory that I need to sell. Good news is- this will help me bring in some cash flow while I’m figuring out this affiliate stuff.

I might run some specific ad banners throughout my blog, haven’t decided yet. Will let you know, or you will see them pop up here and there. I will share reporting on this if I do it.

Website Traffic Update:

None of the above matters if I’m not building traffic and visits to my web and social sites. I have approx 161 visits this week. I’m glad to see that I’m not talking to myself, thank you very much. 🙂

I can see that my efforts to bring more traffic are largely coming from my Facebook page posts, then direct, lastly organic. We all know that organic takes time and you really have to build out keywords, use great tools such as SEMRush and study from the greats like Neil Patel.

The other thing that I just thought of is I need to block my own IP. This means, every time that you personally visit your website to check on it, Google analytics shows your visit in the numbers. I don’t count. God, I hope the 161 visits aren’t just me. I can dig deeper into location visits etc… to find out. To check what your IP is at home or office etc… just go to this What is my IP address.

Once you do that, go into your analytics program and follow these steps to list your IP.

On another quick note- I just loaded my entire email list into Mailchimp, I need to send out an opt-in email to verify my list. I haven’t sent an email out in some time, I’m not sure how many will be valid. I also have no idea if people from my list will still want to hear from me. My journey is a new focus for my list, so we’ll see. I loaded in close to 7,500. I plan on sending an email out this next week. I will share the email here on my blog and results.

Setting Goals:

I’d like to set three goals for next week.

1) Double my site traffic, 400 visits.

2) In the interim, I’m going to do some outreach and boost posts for $5 on Facebook as well as some Twitter outreach and Linkedin stuff. I will share social media how-to shortly as well. Goal- impression reach 2,500, click through 5%.

3) Set my Woocommerce shop live with a min of 20 products to browse.

What is a journey without some destination spots? I’m going to start small with my goals, figure out what is working and what is not. I plan on being in the 1,000s area within 3 months in regard to visits and click-thru.

That’s all for now.

Thank you for joining in on my journey.



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