3 Things Every Home or Office Space Should Have

3 Things Every Home or Office Space Should Have

In my past few years of designing spaces, I have come to realize there are 3 core levels that need to be considered.

  • What you can see (this is eye level and above)
  • What you can feel (the core design space from knees to chest level)
  • Your energy (this is where you put your feet/walk)

I call it the SHE of a space.

S- Soul. Anything you put in your space eye level and above should move, touch, inspire and/or bring peace to your soul. This also includes alluding the same for all that enter.

H- Heart. Telling your heart’s story. All items viewed from knees to chest level of your space should tell a story, your story, a combined story. Pieces at this level should be a conversation, or have some kind of meaning, comfort to you, something from your life journey(ies).

E- Energy. This is the ground, what you and others put their feet on and walk through. You want grounding pieces, foundational items such as stones, grass, plants, baskets, salt, fountains etc…


  • Soul
  • Heart Story
  • Energy

Over the next few weeks, I will share design tips, quick and easy makeover suggestions as well as how to turn your home or office into a SHE focused sanctuary.

Short and sweet post today. Lots more info and journey sharing to come.

Your friend, Starr

*image from Moodecor

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