12 Things That Are a Must For Any Room Makeover

12 Things That Are a Must For Any Room Makeover

Over the past few years, I have remodeled, remade and repurposed many rooms and spaces. I have studied design via Google and by visiting some of the greats like Chip & Joanna Gaines in Waco a few months ago. I’m beyond obsessed with Pinterest and fabric stores have quickly become my social hangout.

In this post, I decided to share 12 things that I have learned throughout this process. These are really more tips to consider when making over any space.

Before I share the 12 tips, here is a quick peek into one of the many rooms that I have redone. I only took one picture of the before (moving forward, I will be taking “before” and “after” videos).

This was a retail space that I took on last year. It was an office space prior.






The mid-century modern wall in this after is to the right on the before pic where the wall is brown.






The art studio in this pic is where the wall in the before photo stands. I knocked that bad boy down with a sledge hammer, dang that was some good fun. I also had the tiled ceilings taken out to create more of an open airy feeling.





12 Things to Consider When Making Over Any Space (Home or Office)

1. Open up the Space- whenever possible I will always remove low ceilings and/or walls that aren’t necessary. Why? Because it opens up not only the design possibilities but also creates more flow and space to be. If you can’t remove a ceiling or an unnecessary wall then I suggest that you add a chandelier to the ceiling and beautify the extra wall and give it purpose. I will share a post on this next month with a before and after video.

2. Consider White Walls- Every home or office that I have ever moved into, I always, always paint the walls a creamy white before I add any furniture or decor. White is a blank canvas and it allows me time to get to know the space and get comfortable with the design layout. I’m not saying that I keep the walls white, I will often add color as an accent on one of the walls, or wallpaper in some texture and patterns (btw, another obsession of mine is wallpaper, I plan on designing my own line one day, until then, I will share some of my faves in my shop here). I love onion skin!

3. Place Plants High & Low- Every single space needs plants, period. Even if you don’t have a green thumb (like me), there are some great faux plants nowadays that pretty much look alive, one of my faves is the Mostera Leaf stem. Two of these alone can change a room completely. I used to really love succulents but now I’m really into ferns and rubber trees. Place plants on the floor, from the ceiling and at the heart level. Remember that you don’t always need pots for your plants, baskets are my favorite plant holders.

4. Consider SHE (quick read here to explain the SHE of any space) The Soul, Heart Story, & Energy of your space.

5. Mix Furniture Materials– Wood, metal, fabric, glass, concrete, plastic, wicker, bombay to name few. Mix and match your furniture materials, it’s okay. In fact, it makes a space more interesting and stylish. In my art studio space above, I added a welded table, antique wood map cabinet for art supplies and metal with glass cabinets for more storage.

6. Lighting is Key- Lamps, pendants and chandeliers. I could spend all weekend long traveling from thrift store to antique mall filling my car with lighting (and I have).  Finding the perfect lighting fixtures are one thing but putting in the perfect lightbulb is also very important. One of my favorite lightbulbs ever is a designed bulb. Adding string lighting to any space, whether it is indoor or out can instantly add ambiance as well.

7. Imagine How You Would Feel- there are thousands of stunning Pinterest rooms that I come across weekly. However, when I actually stop to imagine myself, my husband, children and doggies living in the actual space, I can clearly and quickly move on to another inspirational pin. Maybe the couch isn’t big enough or the design is too cluttered, the colors make me anxious etc…It’s easy to know if a style or piece of furniture or paint color will work for you. Simply ask yourself- “Do I or would I feel at peace in this space” I’m confident that you will be amazed at your answer.  What works for one person or family, might not work for the next. Most of the design shows on TV miss this question when designing a space. They forget to ask how a person wants to feel in their new space and what makes them comfortable, brings them peace, moves their soul etc…

8. Mirrors are a Must- I believe that every room should have a mirror in it, for reflection, it’s an energy thing too, it can open up a small room, add dimension to a large space. I plan on having a wall of mirrors in my soon to be new home (more about that at the end of this post).

9. Carpet sucks- I cannot stand carpet in any space. It holds dander and bacteria. I realize that there are situations when the carpet absolutely cannot be removed due to lease or the moola it costs to replace. If that is the case for you, there are options. I came across this technique on how to paint your carpet, it’s pretty awesome. I tried it on a rug (I wasn’t blogging yet, so I don’t have before pic to share), check it out. If I have to deal with carpet in a space, I buy a thrifty rug large enough to cover most of the room’s floor. Rugs in my opinion should have a pattern, it makes room pop or blend depending on the style chosen. I found this rug on Facebook marketplace, grabbed the two chairs as well. Guess how much? $250 total. OMG, I scored! Note- this was the photo from ad, this is not a space I designed.

10. Don’t Forget The Curtains- Shutters are always a great window addition, but in my opinion, curtain window treatments can really pull a room together. I love cultural curtains that are hand dyed, these are some of my faves. Quick tip– hang them high and long.

11. One Key Furniture Piece- Every single room should have a key piece that is custom or so bold, head turning, different and stunning that it stands out from anything else in the room. For a bedroom maybe it is a dresser. Living room, it could be the wing back chair. Office, it might be the oil painting that you brought back from your travels. Remember it should represent you, your story and move your soul.

12. Pillows Can Change Your World- If you have very little budget to change a room or space, all you need is a few pillows. Throw pillows can completely change the look and feel in any place. Some times I will start a room by choosing the pillows first. Every room needs pillows, yes even the bathroom! Check out what BrePurposed did here. Yup, those are pillows in the bathroom. If your bathroom isn’t quite large enough for seating like this, add a one person bench or a funky stool.

In closing, Jude (my husband) and I just bought a home, we are moving into it throughout March. I will be designing every single room in our 3,500 sq ft sanctuary and bringing every step to my readers via video. I cannot wait to share every single process, step, budget and final design with you.

My only question is which room should I start with? Hmmmm….

Jude has always told me to start with the ugliest room or space and make it beautiful. I think that means I’m starting with either the bedroom or the entry den.

Bedroom (pictures are prior to us moving in)

Entry Den (pictures are prior to us moving in)


Starr Hall E


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