Building My Audience & Traffic Update – 288 Days left

Building My Audience & Traffic Update – 288 Days left

Last week I set the following goals:

1) Double my site traffic, 400 visits.

2) In the interim, I’m going to do some outreach and boost posts for $5 on Facebook as well as some Twitter outreach and Linkedin stuff. I will share social media how-to shortly as well. Goal- impression reach 2,500, click through 5%.

3) Set my Woocommerce shop live with a min of 20 products to browse.

Traffic: Let me start with goal one. As you can see in the image, I increased my traffic my 29.6% which is great, however I have not yet hit 400 visits. So, today is the last day, I have to get on this. I sent an email out to my list this morning (check out my email list update at the end of this post) and will boost a few posts for $5 each. I’m happy that my traffic did not decline, however I’m a goal person and not hitting a goal, not an option for me.

I will also check my Yoast SEO plug in and each content post to make sure that they are completely optimized.

Boosting Posts: goal number two update- I have to be upfront about Twitter and Linkedin, I just didn’t get to it. I’m working on messaging and how to transition to this on Linkedin. I have spent over a decade building my reputation and contacts so I need to really think through how to best do this. Once I figure it out, I will do a post about Linkedin specifically. Twitter, well, I don’t have an issue messaging about my new adventure on that channel, I just got so into building my affiliate links and store out that I didn’t get to it. Lame excuse, I know, but I will recommit for the next 7 days to do some Twitter build out and report back on a Twitter blog post.

I did get to Facebook boost, as you can see in the image I was able to hit my impression goal which was 2,500, I hit 3,049, 103 click throughs. I take the amount spent which was $40 and divide that by the number of clicks which is .38 cents per click. Not bad. Not bad at all. In future posts I will need to evaluate the conversion to an affiliate sale or shop sale on my website. We will get there in the next few weeks.

My click through goal was 5%, it came in around 3.37%. This tells me that I need to play around with my topic titles and content. I will take the same content post and change the wording, do an A/B test and report back next week.

Setting up my Woocommerce- My 3rd goal. I have hired some help on the WooCommerce shop because it needs to look prettier and have better conversion points. However, I have added the 20 products that I set out to add as well as some affiliate links for World Market/Cost Plus and 3-4 other design sites. My shop page is still in progress and we are activating the payment systems today as well. Check it out here

Email list update- I started with a cold list of 7,442 emails. After sending the opt-in/check-in email, I was left with 4,111 emails. Yikes! However, the good news here is that my open and click through rate is actually pretty dang good for starters. 19.3 open rate and 3% click-through. My min goal was 10% open rate 1.5% click through. When I set up segmented campaigns moving forward based on interests, this will help increase those numbers ongoing.

My goals for the nest week:

  1. Increase website traffic 30%, approx 120 new visits to my website.
  2. Set up 2 Twitter cards and boost, continue Facebook posts, boost 2 more additional posts, impression goal needs to double, 5,000.
  3. My shop on site- add 20 more products and develop a conversion/sales plan. Sales aren’t going to happen without more traffic as well as some videos and boosting of videos. I will be starting videos in the next few weeks, once I get settled in my new home.
  4. I’m going to add a new goal in for the next 7 days which will be emails. I will send out 2 emails and set up a poll/interest data gathering so that I can better talk to and with my list. It needs to be relevant to them or they will be out.

Did I miss anything?

Thank you again for your support, comments and shares, I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate it.

HUGE smiles,

Starr Hall E


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  1. We’ve found that turning a post into an ad in ad manager will get you better targeting and reach than a simple post boost. Maybe that’s what you did and I just misunderstood. Otherwise, worth trying to get a little more bang for your buck. Much success Super Starr!

    1. that is exactly what I do old friend, thank you for checking 🙂 I’m also starting retargeting in a few weeks as well.

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