Designing My Foyer Entry Room: Makeover – Part 1 of 3

Designing My Foyer Entry Room: Makeover – Part 1 of 3

It’s been a few weeks since I posted. My stepfather of 41 years passed away recently and it jolted my world, to say the least. Thank you to all of my friends that sent me such kind notes over the past few weeks. I’ve been spending much needed time with my family and my mom.

On another note, about this post – Jude and I recently bought a fixer-upper in Santa Barbara county. The bones are all great but cosmetically it needs some major creativity and SHE. I captured a walk-through via video of the first room that I will be making over. The entry room, the fancy word for it is a foyer.

The next post, I will share how I curate the space (meaning how I find furniture, art etc….the process I go through in pulling it all together etc…)

First thing is first, we are on a budget. For this room, I have budgeted $1,500, for design and curation but of course this budget does not including new flooring. The carpet smells like a barn, there is no steam cleaner on the planet that could even make it temporarily tolerable. It has to go. Also the beautiful French doors are rotting, those will have to be replaced as well. Oh yes, and the wall paint is a dull brownish beige, buy-bye on that, I will be painting the walls white to start and see where it takes me (just one of my many tips on room makeovers).

The first thing I do is start to look at colors and designs that move me. Guess where I start? Yup, Pinterest.    I will start to pin more ideas throughout this week. This weekend, I will take you on a video shopping spree. Yeahhhhh. One of my favorite things to do.

In closing, a foyer, in my opinion, should be welcoming and cozy but more importantly it should always have a few statement pieces aka conversation pieces. Last but not least, it is nice to give an entry/extra room a purpose.

Maybe a game room? Chess anyone? (although, I really have no idea how to play chess, I guess had better learn first). I do love a great puzzle though!

Cocktail room? I love me some drinks with friends. However, we have a wet bar, not seen in this video, in the next room. Hmmmm….

A gallery viewing room, showcase art. Blah, that seems a bit…boring.

I guess I can decided the purpose as I define the look and feel. So for now, let’s start with seating, a few tables and some wall art. Definitely plants. Don’t. Ever. Forget. The. Plants.

Until, next post, check out this chair that I grabbed on Facebook Marketplace. I’m pondering using it in the foyer. $80 brand new, it’s orange and gold. I love this thing! Pair a marble table and olive green lamp with gold shade? Leather ottoman?

PS- because I have been out for a few weeks, we have not yet finished the payment system in my store that is ready to go live, I will get that set up this next week.

Stay tuned.


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