Let The Moving Begin…The Atrium

Let The Moving Begin…The Atrium

264 days left to hit my goal of $250,000 in passive income. I have definitely had a few set backs. Death in the family, now I’m moving to a new home this week. I have to make up time to stay on track, or should I say get back on track.

The big move started today. I have three days to finish packing everything, clean our current yard and house, coordinate movers, trucks and two pods. I have to rip out the old carpet in new house (check out the ewww carpet, it has to go), remove cottage cheese gross ceilings and replace with a smooth texture. I have to paint the entire interior and get two 26ft trucks and two 16ft pods unpacked. Have you met me? I’ll be done in two days.

The new flooring goes in first of May, but there is no way I’m moving in with the ewww carpet. Nope. Not happening.

As you can see from this one photo and in my last post, our new home needs some major SHE!

Today I took a white cabinet that I bought awhile back at TJ Maxx (I got it on clearance because it had a small chip on the back leg, you can’t even see it). Paid $129 for it. I wanted to give it a more industrial look and feel so I spray painted it with a Premium flat black paint. I love the way it turned out. This is one of the many pieces that will be going in to the room in this pic. I call this room the Atrium. BTW, the finished cabinet pic looks like it is white in the bottom left but that is just the sun shinning. 🙂

I also found a new leather sectional couch on Facebook marketplace for $500 ($4,500 couch!). They started to paint it with a camel color upholstery paint but didn’t like it, decided to sell. I grabbed it and finished the job. I will show you the final product in my atrium room reveal over the next few weeks.

One more quick sneak peek- I found this beautiful photograph online, ordered a print for $60, having it framed at Michael’s (used my coupons and rewards, saved $200). It’s all about black and white photography, oh yay!!!

In closing, in between hectic and grieving, (oh and yes working full-time as a CMO) I have got to figure out how to finish setting up all of my affiliate links and my online store needs a few more fixes. My web gal waiting on me to finish it. As soon as I get settled in my house next week, I will recommit to my affiliate stuff as well as my online store and goals. My friend Doug shared an excellent affiliate link manager plug-in with me, I plan on setting this up too– Thirsty Affiliates.

So much to do…yikes. Loving the journey though.


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