Atrium Design Update

Atrium Design Update

It has been over a month since my last post. What have I been doing? Designing an entire house…on a budget.

I committed to weekly blogging when I started this journey. Dang it’s hard to blog consistently, especially when it takes so much time to actually design a space, curate decor, demo, remodel etc.. HGTV’s shows make it look so easy. It’s hard and it takes weeks, months to do just one room. We are remodeling the entire house, every. single. room. I’ve pretty much only been working on the house weekends and evening, because you know, I have a full time career in marketing as well.

Okay, on to the actual topic of this post. Here is the Atrium update, I’ve included some before and after pics. I’m almost done with the entire room and I will reveal it in the next week or so.

Every single item that I have chosen for this room I searched Facebook Marketplace, antique and consignment stores, Craig’s list and thrift stores. Every item has to have meaning so it was’t easy.

I have found it easier to do quick posts and reveals on my social channels. It’s easy for me to load photos and text from my phone in the moment. Here is my Facebook and my Instagram, would love to stay in touch socially as well.



Update on passive income- my affiliate channels aren’t set up correctly, I need to problem solve and I don’t like my online store so I am rethinking that as well.

The booth I have at the local antique store for the past two months brought in $400 the first month, $1,000 the second, I’m in my third month and already around $1,500 in sales. It’s growing but it isn’t passive because it takes effort to keep items stocked, priced right, looking good etc… but it’s fun and I love doing it.

225 days left in the year to hit my goal of $250,000 from passive income. I’m 3 months in and still figuring systems out, setting time aside to make this happen and do the designing and curating that I love so much. I work between 40-60 hours weekly and travel for my job as well so time is sparse.

I will get these systems solid within the next 30 days. I must. Feel free to share any tips as well.

Thanks for visiting, for your comments, shares, outreach and support.

PS, website traffic in the past 30 days= 242 visits, major decline. That’s what happens when you don’t blogging consistently, ugh.

Be back soon.


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