My journey…what’s next?

My journey…what’s next?

It has been months since I last posted on my personal blog or my biz blog. I used to be a daily blogger, then weekly and oh my, now it seems I’ve moved to quarterly. :/

I thought it would be much easier to just post out quickly on the social channels I’m active on, rather than sit and type my thoughts on my laptop for an hour or so. However, I need to recommit to this blogging stuff. Yes, that is it, I have officially recommitted to weekly posts. I must, because social media channel feeds for the most part have become depressing, overtaken by advertising and organic reach is just no longer there.

Over these past few months, I have really been taking a lot of time to explore my life purpose. I have talent and skills, I want to use them for good, with a cause focus and build a brand that has planet purpose.

In order for me to focus on finding whatever this purpose thing is, I decided that I did not want to take on anymore clients. The last two startups I joined pretty much did me in. So, after 20 years of consulting, coaching and mentoring as well as going in-house to help guide companies large and small through marketeering, I have officially shut my practice down. It is my turn now.

This journey started at the  beginning of the year with me wanting to create a passive income stream. I did this over 10 years ago and was able to move/relocate to Costa Rica, work 4-6 hours per week, it was awesome. Unfortunately my son, at the time, 11 yo, was in a terrible ATV accident and it sent me back to the US a few years sooner than I had hoped. I’m so grateful that he survived what really could have been a fatal accident.

Anyhow, back to this passive income journey. I realized from the 1,000s of articles I read, companies I explored to become affiliates for etc… that none of the industries, brands or products interested me enough to get me excited. So, my blog as you can read, sat here stalled, while I continued to explore both myself and sifting through my passions to find a core purpose. I knew I would find it when I tingled all over. I had to find the tingle.

Fast forward to July, in comes Jack Canfield. Jack is a mentor of mine, he has been since my early 20s. He set me on my path, thankfully in my young adult years. I have him to thank for the work we did together at UCSB that showed me the way to building high self esteem, confidence and defining my path. I decided that it was time to reach back out to him at this pivotal stage in my life. At the very time I was thinking this, within 48 hours, I came across an upcoming local event in Santa Barbara that he was speaking at. What the!! Well-timed Jack. I signed up, spent two hours with him and left yet again, forever changed.

I immediately started what Jack calls “the power hour” the next morning, which is 20 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of exercise. Although I have always struggled with meditation (okay and exercise the past 5 years or so), this time, the power hour immediately shifted me. I also ordered The Passion Test based on Jack’s recommendation (a must read!).

2 weeks later, I’m in Mexico on vacation with my husband Jude and daughter Savannah. I walked outside of our airbnb and saw two doggies chained to a wall, no water, no shade. They were pitbulls. I immediately made friends with them (there are certain things that you can do to check the “safeness” of a dog), and brought them water and food throughout our stay, the videos that I captured still bring me to tears.

Throughout our stay, I briefly looked at the guest registry, there were hundreds of past guests in the prior months and I thought to myself— what if I could drop a pin here, telling and showing people that there are stray and neglected dogs in this area, and give them some tips? If even half of these people helped these dogs…just imagine. What about other causes that were important to people? People mostly waste their free time anyhow, but what if they could make a difference? I then said to Jude, I just want to Rove the planet and do good things like this….the birth of ROVE. 

The next day, during my power hour meditation, the name hit me, it started with ROAM, then when I shared this with my friend (one of my biggest fans) and peer Doug Klein, he suggested that I grab, then I thought whoa– for branding purposes, I just want ROVE! (okay so unfortunately the dot com is some republican that apparently won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon so I grabbed the .io). I could instantly see people using Rove in their social language. Where do you want to Rove this weekend? I’m going roving etc… I sketched the website and app experience out on notebook paper, started to reach out to some of the best talent in my network (when I say best, I mean the best on this globe) and viola, here we are.

In closing, WE are going to build something amazing. I’m taking all of my skills, knowledge, CMO experience, start-up and entrepreneur coaching/mentoring, agency experience etc… and just doing this. In 72 days, I have already framed out the website and app, the business model/revenue, I have half of the seed funding committed and talent signed-on, talent that any start-up would move mountains to have.

I also decided that I would do best in a new role, as CEO instead of CMO, I will share why I decided this in another post (Thank you again Jack!). I will also share who the CMO of Rove is. It is so dang exciting, I can barely hold back the announcement. The CTO and CFO are pure talent as well. I’m honored and blown-away.

Stay tuned for more ROVE…it’s what you do with your free time.

Your purpose focused friend,

Starr Hall

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