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One of my clients is also my husband, Jude. Amazing human being and one super duper smart Attorney/PhD. I just started to work on his brand recently, working on getting him a book deal called the $35 Divorce, can’t wait to ink that one. This is called an oped, which means my client writes the piece (I along with my talented team usually edit the piece) and we send it out to a set of outlets that would be the best fit for publication/their readers. This one here landed in the perfect Magazine.

One quick thing to remember- if your are looking to get an oped published, you cannot publish it on your blog then take it to other outlets, it would be considered a “printed piece” already. ALSO, when it is published, you can add it to your website media page or blog with an intro of the paragraph (see below) but ALWAYS include a “READ FULL ARTICLE” with a backlink to that outlet. 

Lastly, you cannot use the photos they have included in their article on your site unless you have permission or you have properly purchased it. So for this one, I inserted one I already owned.

Could COVID-19 Lead to More Divorce Settlements with Less Family Suffering?

By Dr. M. Jude Egan, Family Lawyer

As divorcing spouses recognize the suffering and sadness, worry and anxiety in each other due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can begin to talk openly about fair and good resolutions of divorce cases. The combination of shared anxiety and astoundingly long wait times from Courts could allow COVID-19 to lead to more divorce settlements with less family suffering.

Today a friend told me he was optimistic. Another told me he was hopeless. For my own part, I have been painfully closer to hopelessness than to optimism these last couple of weeks. I have meditated each morning with positive effects; it is probably the only thing keeping me from plunging into the pit of despair. I pressed my optimistic friend on his outlook, and he said he believed in the American spirit and that as a nation we would rise again. His confidence struck me and forced me to consider how a divorce lawyer could be optimistic during such dire times? After all, we divorce lawyers are rarely optimistic creatures.


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