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One of my favorite things to do as brand critic and stylist is to pull a compelling brand story out from an entrepreneur. Whether it be a product or service, there is always a deep, heart-felt story that usually gets left out. 

I met Payam at the end of last year, the owner of a Crane Operator Academy located in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Such a heart-centered human and one of my favorite clients ever.

Although his business was growing, he shared with me some challenges he was having on the marketing side of it. I looked at his website and online presence and knew immediately one of the key pieces that he was missing…his story. I will share additional insights into this brand as I help him build it even further. The next thing I did was expand his revenue streams (this will come in a later post)

Take 5 minutes and read this man’s story. Kind of made me want to become a crane operator. Just sayin…

Story placement #1-

When I Say, ‘God Bless America’ I Say it From the Heart:

I was born and raised in Iran around big trucks and heavy machinery. My dad was a truck driver since I was five years old, so there wasn’t a time that I did not dream of someday operating those behemoths. I told people that repeatedly, but nobody would listen.  My father didn’t want me to get involved with trucks and neither did my other family members.  “Just become an engineer. Or become a doctor.” They would tell me how much more respect society has for educated people like doctors and engineers. I worked a bunch of jobs after high schools and considered the “respectable” careers also. None of it interested me.


Oh but wait, there is more…

National Crane Academy Prepares Students for Future as Certified Crane Operators

The National Crane Academy (NCA), located in Gardena, California, trains individuals to receive their NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) certification. Since the school’s inception, around 300 students have earned their certification, which is recognized in the Unites States, Canada, and parts of Mexico.

When Owner and Manager of NCA, Payam Dehesh, began the school in 2013, he said he wanted to help his students find their dream and make it a reality. Dehesh immigrated to the United States from Iran in 2008 to pursue his own dream of working with trucks and cranes, and after achieving his goals, he started NCA to help others do the same.


There is ALWAYS heart strings story for every product, brand, company, entrepreneur…always.


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