Women’s Entrepreneurship- What a Wild Ride

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What is it like to live in my shoes? It’s a crazy kind of hell with a roller coaster in it, and I’m addicted to the ride and the spectacle. I crave it, every single day of my life.

As a female entrepreneur, I sit in a different seat with a new view every single day. I gain new experiences but I’m still on it, I show up and I keep coming back for more. Some days I’m first in line and others, I stand and observe in back. There are times when the coaster of entrepreneurism makes me want to throw up and other days when I want to throw my hands up in the air, scream with excitement from a big win, and just enjoy the wacky ride.

I learned at a very young age in order to jump on this ride, that I would need to be okay with the ups and downs and more importantly I had to learn how to take risks. In the beginning of my Entrepreneur years, risk meant that there were days when my bank account would be overflowing and other times when my accounts wouldn’t speak to me. I learned very quickly to step into a bigger me and do outrageous things to get deals done. I also knew that I needed exposure and brand awareness.

One of the first risks I ever took was becoming my own publicist so that I could secure bookings and get deals done (her name is Holly Grant, my second personality). One of my daily risk activities to this day is to shamelessly self-promote my ideas, wins and fails publicly. To me this is being authentic, being real. To a lot of other entrepreneurs this is bragging. This is why many struggle. It’s a belief system issue, the faster you push past this, the quicker you will get to yes. There are a lot of entrepreneurs that have no idea how to self promote and how to be real in this digital age. They fear risks and rejection, but to me it is part of the fun in this playland.

I have also learned to live in a world where insomnia is normal, where my brain won’t shut off, an idea or answer hits me at 3am and well… I must answer the calling. Aside from no sleep, I’m constantly fighting off imposter syndrome and breaking my upper limits. Learning how to live in my zone of genius. By doing this, I have learned how to work smarter, not harder. I commit to my genius zone by no longer writing lists but instead scheduling actions. I also seek out other female entrepreneurs as mentors or guides when I’m lost, and when I can actually find one or two, fingers-crossed they will connect with me and be kind and connective. Being a successful female entrepreneur also means that if I ask this of others, I must mentor with the same values that I seek.

Learning is a constant. I personally chose to rent an office space downtown approx. 45 minutes from my home so that I could take this time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I’m also obsessed with high levels of self learning.

Learning is truly what I love most about this ride, this land that I live in is when I get to experience and share in epic and emotional wins and yes even small or magnificent fails.

Kindly, Starr

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  1. Kareena

    I totally agreed with you about learning constantly.
    I too have developed a schedule to read books, listen podcasts, reading articles. After getting knowledge and learnings from all the resources I used to implement it in my work so that I can get productivity.

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