Ask Yourself, Why Would Anyone Care?

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Why would anyone care about warm, hot cookies?

I’ll get to that shortly.

But first…let’s dig into a very important question. One that will help shape, mold, move and grow any brand- Why in the heck would anyone care about what you are doing, offering, selling, saying etc…

Stop and think about that!

Furthermore, why would someone want to hear about your product or service?  Why would anyone want to READ about you, your company, product or service?  What would make someone want to pick up the paper/magazine and read an article (or click on a link to read more)? What makes someone want to turn up the volume on a broadcast or podcast?  You need to figure this very thing out. Right now. Today.

Let me walk you through an example before you get started. Let’s take a cookie company. I love baking and chocolate chip cookies are quite possibly my soul mate, so cookies it is. This cookie company needs to be different. Let’s get creative here and make a cookie company that sells and delivers warm cookies.

Here are some reasons as to why I think people would care, because:

  1. You can’t eat flowers
  2. People like to be happy and feel good
  3. Cookies equal instant happiness
  4. They want to send someone cookies. To a loved one for their birthday, anniversary or even better a reconciliation.
  5. They want to show someone they care by sending them warm cookies

If you are too close to your company and can’t seem to come up with some answers to this question then simply ask a customer or client or even a friend or family member.  Better yet, ask a top editor in your home town “What would make you want to read (or write) about my company or product and why would you care?”  This simple question can help you achieve brand greatness.  There is a catch though, you have to really be willing to listen and take in the feedback.  I can’t tell you how many clients of mine refuse to hear exactly why anyone would care.  If you miss this very important step, you are missing an emotional connection, which is exactly what enhances brand loyalty.

This question goes beyond finding out what your customer wants, the answer can also create opportunity to develop stories and get them placed or featured in the media.  It can also help with future product and services development. In addition, these stories are great for newsletters and in communication pieces as well as examples when speaking/presenting.

In closing, why would anyone care about my services? Because I have something they need to grow their brands, their company, revenue, reputations, awareness… It is called amplification. I am an amplifier. Amplification does not just happen through media and influencer coverage. It also comes from co-branding, book deals, sponsorships, speaking engagements and any other opportunity that I find or create. I am a creator. People need to connect with a brand to do business with and buy. This happens through effective design, brand story-telling and communication. When people don’t know how to write or design themes, concepts and effective communications, they need me. I am a brand stylist. My list goes on, but you get the idea.

Now it’s  you’re turn…tag.

Warm cookie lover,


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