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UPDATE – this makes me happy, good move, they thought about it a little bit more…
My initial post:
My take on this PR move… 
I always ask with any client – small biz or brand giant- what is the best that can happen, what’s the worst that can happen and what if nothing happens? LEGO apparently didn’t stop to ask any of these questions. It bums me out because I love this brand and one of the first things I wanted to do when the masks clear is head to good ole LEGOland. 
So LEGO pulls the marketing of all police and fire sets and asks retailers to remove from shelves and return them. I think this is the WORST PR move ever!
Instead, they need to positively respond by taking every single dime made from these sets to support or start a fund for black lives matter and families that have been affected OR better yet, include a LEGO flag piece that is added to every single set that reads STOP RACISM! And start a campaign around that with actionable ideas on how to stop this insane hate!
Furthermore and my last thought on this today- fund some education for police officers, better pre-qualifying policies at policy academies around the US because no responder, front line humans should have a trace of hate or racism. Well, no one should but let’s start with responders. Come on LEGO, you are better than this.
Geezzzzz, who are their PR people?
LEGO, call me- I can help you out of this shit show.
Starr Hall

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