The Big Reveal (What Holds a Brand Back From Growth)

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In all of my years as a Publicist (self-talk…24+ years, omg I still feel like I am in my 30s), working with hundreds of Fortune brands and thousands of entrepreneurs, I have found that there is one core thing that holds back a brand from growing in a big way (besides mindset).

Whether you are a large or a small brand, established or new, you MUST have a CORE focus in your brand marketing that includes this one thing. What is it?

Drum roll please…..

Say something…in a new way.

It’s that simple.

Let me dig into this a little further.

How many times have you seen content headlines like these?

  • “Top Five Ways to…” or
  • “7 Things You Need to Know”

or what I like to call a shock title — “3 Things in Your Cereal That Could Be Killing You”

You click or open up the ad, post or video and you are completely unimpressed. You move on, quickly. Why? It piqued your curiosity, however there was nothing new or compelling, no new information on the subject that hooked you. You were outta there.

Think about this – why do movies become hits? Why do books become best sellers? (I mean real best sellers, like NY Times Best Seller List or Reese’s Latest Pick or Oprah’s Faves?) Because the way that the story is told, it is PRESENTED OR TOLD IN A NEW WAY.

No matter what industry you are in, it doesn’t matter how much information is out there on the internet, there is ALWAYS another way to say it, share it, present it, be it, do it.

Ex: If you are a therapist, don’t just give the same old boring ways to heal emotionally. Instead of “meditation can help you heal” take the same concept and turn it over. “Sound Walks Can Help You Heal” (What the hell is a sound walk? I don’t know, I just made it up). Couldn’t you teach techniques on how to sit outside and listen to one main sound for 2 minutes? That’s a meditation, right?

Ex: You are a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, number 552 in your county and you want to showcase a new approach or product…blah, blah, blah…or show off your medical school and degrees (these are important don’t get me wrong), or print another brochure for the office, the list goes on. Please, just don’t do it. For the most part, people will be unimpressed. Instead, try saying something in a new way “botox can take years off of your face” replace with “Bloom Facials Make Your Skin Look 15 Years Younger, Overnight” What the crap is a bloom facial!? Hmmm..don’t know yet, because no one has written about it. BTW bloom can also mean beauty, just in case you were wondering. 

I could go on with examples but I will stop here and leave you with this one question to ponder. If I asked you what sets you apart from anyone else in your industry BUT you could only answer with a super power…I betcha you could come up with a new way of presenting your offerings, services, products, or yourSELF. Try it…or just email me, that works too.

Thanks for stopping by,

Starr Hall E

PS – the photo for this blog post has nothing to do with the content other than I TRIED something different the other day, a new style of mimosa. I posted it out to friends and family, presented a different, spicy mimosa option and I was blasted with texts and messages with excitement for “my” new drink invention. Just sayin, this “say something in a new way” stuff really works.

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