A Brief History

I have been in marketing since I was a teenager and I chose to continue on this as a career path into adulthood. With over 25 years in marketing, working for fortune 100 companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs around the globe, I launched into publishing several books in marketing and conducting a worldwide tour to speak about my passion for teaching others how to not only market and grow their businesses effectively but how to have fun doing it.

Experiencing many failures, set-backs and soul checks along the way, I have been able to build my career to a success level that allows me to have more free time. Free time was a lot more challenging than I had ever imagined. It has brought me onto a path of self-exploration on life balance, health, wellness and committing to waking up every day to do what I love. It has been an ongoing journey, my passion path started with animals and has expanded into many unexpected soul passion areas like home and office interior curation and design as well as starting a coffee and tea house and buying a farm on the Central Coast of California, to name a few.

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I have spent my entire marketing career working for and with others. Don’t get me wrong, it has been a beautiful, successful journey. However, it is now my time, my turn to launch and grow an amazing company.

My new blog will be about sharing my start-up journey as CEO of Rove, instead of my prior roles as CMO and a Publicist. As I have done in the past with my prior blogs (they have been archived btw), I will share tips and tricks, books to read, things I’ve learned, podcasts to listen to, people to meet and so much more.

On my personal blog, I will continue to share my side passions like animals, more specifically doggies, and also my love for curating beautiful sanctuary spaces.

Join me on this journey, share yours as well. I’m all about collaboration.

Let’s do this.


Starr Hall (Egan)

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