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OMG, I’m Going to Be a Grandma!

I am over-the-moon excited to announce that I, Starr Hall am about to become a grandma for the very first time. I learned about it over 5 weeks ago and since then one of my best friends and I have launched


Really Lego?

UPDATE – this makes me happy, good move, they thought about it a little bit more… My initial post:My take on this PR move…  I always ask with any client – small biz or brand giant- what is the best that can happen,


Ask Yourself, Why Would Anyone Care?

Why would anyone care about warm, hot cookies? I’ll get to that shortly. But first…let’s dig into a very important question. One that will help shape, mold, move and grow any brand- Why in the heck would anyone care about what


Pull the Story Out!

One of my favorite things to do as brand critic and stylist is to pull a compelling brand story out from an entrepreneur. Whether it be a product or service, there is always a deep, heart-felt story that usually gets left


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