I started an online school over a decade ago, before any one else was doing it. I remember what it was called- SmartyVA. I trained people to become Smart Virtual Assistants that could handle all of your online marketing. I had the website custom built, it was pretty darn successful. I ended up selling the technology to another company online and dove deep into my speaking career. 

So here I am, back again only this time with 10+ more years of experience, connections AND resources. 

My certification is simple. You will learn everything you need to know to confidently go out into the world and be YOU, the branding genius that you are. 

After a series of trainings, live coaching calls, masterminding and access to an ongoing success guaranteed group, as long as you pass the essays, the work, the trainings, the deep thinking, the real live tests with some of my clients THEN I will Certify you as a graduate from my school and introduce you to the world via my email lists, website, social channels and Linkedin colleagues, companies and influential people. 

Once you finish the training and receive certification, you will have access to my private Facebook group for continued learning, Q&As and ongoing support AND I will continue to help you reach higher REVENUE levels. 

Three times a year, I will have planning retreats as you reach each revenue level. There are 3 levels in my REV Club. 

  1. 100k
  2. 500K
  3. 1 mil & above 

I will provide more details on my REV club throughout my trainings. 

Aren’t sure if this is for you? I will do an assessment before you start, just to make sure. If this isn’t a fit, that just means that you are destined for greatness doing something else in the world. Let me help you find that place.

Take my assessment today and let’s find out. 

Are you ready for this?

If you are like me, you were born ready my friend!

Starr Hall E

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