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I know that there are thousands of branding, marketing and PR courses online. I’ve researched them. Some are good, however some are really, really bad.

Why train with me? 

For one, my trainings have been touted by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of “The best trainings in marketing, PR and social media.” Secondly, I have included a ton of bonuses and unlimited support, you therefore have no option but to succeed after taking my course. Last but not least- I also guarantee the program. If you take it and don’t absolutely love it and learn from it, then I will give you a *full refund.

There are sooooo many things that you will learn in this course (basically everything you need to know to become a Master Marketer). I have also included coaching and internships programs in several of my packages.

I have 3 levels. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.

Here’s how it works:

I will assess where you are at and what you already know so that we can determine what you will handle and what you should outsource. I have a list of every single resource that I outsource to and I know some amazingly talented people. I've done all of the work for you!

I will teach you how to create memorable branding campaigns that will win the hearts &
 heads of a brand's public.

I will teach you everything you need to know to grow your brand whether it is a start-up or mid-sized company. If you are choosing this as a career option, you will learn how to brand and grow your own marketing business.


Let's make some branding magic happen together.

I will teach you everything I know.
Are you ready?

Course Highlights

  • How to write great content & media pitches
  • How to build influencer, tribe & media lists
  • Develop brand stories & identities
  • Design a complete marketing plan
  • Stratecution (Strategy + Execution)
  • Manage all aspects of branding (including how & what to outsource)
  • Every resource you will ever need as a brand stylist
  • Data, data, data- How and where to research demographics and target markets
  • Social media planning and outreach
  • How to set revenue goals and hit them!
  • How to build your business in 90 days or less- yes, marketing yourself.
  • Ongoing support and continuing education access via my group.
  • Every form, script and swipe-file you will every need.
  • A step-by-step process and system to follow
  • Advertising Dos and Dont's

Course Curriculum

Learn all of the Marketing and PR lingo

Assess Your Strengths/Weaknesses,
 this determines what needs to be outsourced


  • Interview questions to determine why and how the founder got to this point. - Question form
  • Story writing tips
  • Content secrets
  • Content resources

    (Examples from start to finish (case studies)


  • Pulling data to figure out the right times to market and where/which platforms to market on
  • Social media planning
  • Forum and tribe marketing
  • PR in depth
  • Advertising
  • Print


  • Determine market(s), who are you talking with (not to)
  • Learn engagement
  • The waterfall & ripple effects
  • Defining segments


  • Set up a rating and review systems
  • How to grow testimonials, reviews, recommendations, referral programs and where to do this
  • How to ask for referrals, set-up automated marketing (emails and text/mobile)


  • Determine pricing of products/services or reset them, learn how to price
  • Set revenue markers so you know when you arrive also known as KPIs
  • Setting budgets - How to know when to turn/pivot when not meeting revenue goals.

Let's Get Starrted

No matter which package you choose, you will have my full support every step of the way!

Self Paced

business owner course

If you know absolutely nothing about marketing and PR or you need
 a refresh PLUS you want to learn everything I know, this is the package for you.

$ 1997


career course

This includes the self paced program PLUS scheduled group coaching sessions as well as internship
 opportunties with me.

$ 4997

live integration

advanced course
limited seats available!

This includes BOTH packages PLUS a personally branded website, THREE 1-on-1 coaching sessions & VIP benefits to ALL of my retreats & events.

$ 9997

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