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OCT 1, 2020

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How to Catapult Your Business, Organically.

Presented by Starr Hall, International Publicist, Agent, Branding Specialist, Author/Speaker

No pushy sales needed.
Leave the long email pitches out of this, let me show you how to grow your business, organically!

I have designed & built global brand marketing strategies, trainings and systems for thousands of entrepreneurs and companies. I’ve consulted and guided internal marketing teams at companies like Sprint, RIM, UPS, NHL, Activision, Samsung, True Religion, Express Clothing and Jafra, to name a few. The training programs I have created and conducted throughout my career have been implemented worldwide and in different languages. I’m proud to have been a part of growth for so many entrepreneur brands and global companies.

NOW I’m bringing my knowledge and training to YOU!

Are you an entrepreneur that was once excited to start your business but now you are feeling frustrated or stuck?

YOU deserve to build a kick ass brand for yourself and the products/services that you have launched and love/connect with.

Why am I doing this? Because there are some amazing brands with products and services out there along with amazingly wonderful people trying to sell them. The problem…natural organic brand growth that results in higher sales rarely exists. I see a TON of advertising happening online, and yes, some of the tactics work but PR is the way to do it! Period. GIVE YOUR MARKET A REASON to buy from you and to KEEP buying from you, YOU NEED TO be INTERESTING, INFLUENTIAL & YES IMPERFECT!

Let me help show you the way!

How? Give me 4 weeks…1 hour each week. 45 minutes of teaching, guiding, inspiring, 15 minutes of live questions. PLUS this includes email coaching each week for the 4 weeks in between calls!

Week One: RESET

As a branding specialist and publicist for over 25 years, I have worked with thousands of individual brands and Fortune companies around the globe. One of the BIGGEST issues I see instantly when I arrive is mindset. In this session, I will show you how to deprogram any limiting beliefs or thoughts that are holding you back from catapulting you. I do this as your publicist and agent. I will push you, I will show you, I will guide you…this is a mind makeover which is needed before we head into the brand and marketing work. If your mindset isn’t right then you will hold yourself back, and we can’t have that.


This session is all about stepping into your confidence & learning how to brand yourself. I want you to relentlessly market your passion and mission because if you aren’t doing this then you are doing the world a disservice. I will teach you how to NOT be pushy, stop turning off potential customers and clients and instead show you how to connect, build relationships & ask for the business without really even asking. Basically how to be interesting, authentic and influential with everyone you meet. When you are authentic and interesting, anything you do or touch amplifies. Period. 

Week Three: CANVAS

This is where we style you. This means, I will show you how to take photos and videos that you can push out online. I call it social styling. I will also show you how to naturally get ratings & reviews, and become your own publicist…yes, a public relations pro! It’s so easy to do this, seriously, it’s almost ridiculous. I will even give you templates to just cut, paste and send. I will teach you how to WRITE!!! Omg, I know…where have I been all of your life?!?! I’m here now, all you have to do is commit and show up! Oh, yes and you have to do the work…but it is so dang easy AND it is a system that you can follow. 

Week Four: HERO

Okay, here is the deal… in this week I will continue to show you marketing and branding tips and share my resources but I will also share a HUGE secret here which is… teach you how to make your customers and clients the hero. This is exactly what makes people buy. I will walk you through how this works and why it works. In the end, really, you become the heroic brand. I have built and proven this system over the past 25 years. It has helped me build my own multi-million dollar companies as well as help thousands of others do the same. My clients and students have always been by referral and I constantly have REPEAT business. 

BTW… MAJOR self work will be required, and I WILL hold you accountable. I will not allow excuses and there are no refunds! Why? Because I want you to commit and finish this with me. If you feel like you can’t or “it isn’t for you” after one session or even two, then the truth is that you need to be here more than anyone!

Investment? ONLY $699
(BTW, my minimum monthly retainer right now is $5,000 and I am not currently taking any new coaching clients.)

So what is the value? Well, 25+ years experience building multi-million dollar brands (including my own) and catapulting revenue growth for Fortune companies. I’d say that is worth millions. PLUS, I will show you, teach you, give you resources and systems as well as email coaching during our 4 weeks together ($10,000 value). And after? I will assign you an accountability partner for a 3-month commitment (it might just be me!).

If you follow the ENTIRE program (4 weeks, PLUS weekly accountability partner calls for 3 months straight) I will give you TWO private coaching sessions with me (COMPLIMENTARY).




Will you invest $699 in yourself? To catapult your business and yourself? Hmmmm… I’m waiting to find out.
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