It's simple really...

When You Make Money From Your Passion


Here is a quick video from a presentation I did recently with some RAIN MAKING tips for you to implement.

I have designed & built global brand marketing strategies, trainings and systems for thousands of entrepreneurs and companies. I’ve consulted and guided internal marketing teams at companies like Sprint, RIM, UPS, NHL, Activision, Samsung, True Religion, Express Clothing and Jafra, to name a few. The training programs I have created and conducted throughout my career have been implemented worldwide and in different languages. I’m proud to have been a part of growth and RAIN MAKING for so many entrepreneur brands and global companies.

Are you an entrepreneur that was once excited to start your business but now you are feeling frustrated or stuck?

YOU deserve to build a kick ass brand for yourself and the products/services that you have launched and love/connect with.

There are some amazing brands with products and services out there along with amazingly wonderful people trying to sell them. The problem…natural organic brand growth that results in higher sales rarely exists. I see a TON of advertising happening online, and yes, some of the tactics work but PR and amplification through influence and collaboration is the way to do it! Period. GIVE YOUR MARKET A REASON to buy from you and to KEEP buying from you, YOU NEED TO be INTERESTING, INFLUENTIAL & YES IMPERFECT but more importantly, you need to collaborate with influencers while you are becoming one yourself, partner with media, become their “go-to source” and form partners with brands and companies that compliment your services/product offerings. 

Let me help show you the way!

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